Our services

The services provided by our company are at a professional level. Our experts always try to find a common path with clients. Our expertises are accepted by the courts.

Expertises and valuations

Are you considering buying a house, a stock or a bond? Do you need to evaluate a share in a business company? Need help with your court case? Or do you need to know the value of intangible assets such as brands, know-how, patents, licenses and more?

  • purchases and sales of companies and their parts
  • purchases and sales of real estate, rights and other types of property
  • takeover bids, public draft repurchase agreements and repurchase offers
  • valuation of intangible assets, intangible rights (patents, licenses, know-how, brands, trade names, product names, logos)
  • public and executory auctions
  • review of normal prices
  • revision expert opinions
  • mergers, transfers of assets to a partner, divisions and changes in legal form
  • valuation of stocks and their derivatives, stock exchange commodities and their derivatives
  • valuation of liabilities and receivables
  • Estimate of the amount of damage
  • Accounting and Tax
  • and much more...


Elaboration of financial plans, purchases, sales, inspection of the real estate cadastre and much more. We will also advise you on how to take the next step safely.

  • financial planner
  • cadastre
  • purchases and sales of shares
  • purchase, gift and other contracts
  • financial health
  • business plans
  • and much more...

Studies and analyzes

Are you planning a strategic decision and lack input analysis? Contact us and continue to do what you do best. We offer a SWOT analysis, credit transactions, acquisition of tangible and intangible assets and much more.

  • creditworthiness, liquidity, solvency, over-indebtedness, creditworthiness
  • real estate auctions
  • credit transactions
  • audit of financial statements
  • and much more...

Professional valuation consultant. We provide a wide range of consulting services.

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